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    Good morning guys,
    I wanted to know if it was possible for Revit to be able to change the GuId number for IFC, so that it is progressive,
    Thank you

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    Hi norman4444,
    Sorry but i don't think i have completely understood your request.
    What you are saying is you want to map the way the IFC Exporter (and not Revit) assign a GUID, a globally unique identifier, to the exported elements?
    If so, i don't think you can really do it mainly because the GUID is anything but casual: it's a result of an algorithm that converts the standard GUID (64 character long) to the IFC GUID (22 character long).

    I hope you'll find a way to get around this.


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      Thank you,
      so, and can i change the ID of the single element and hat it is progressive?


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        Sorry norman444, but no.
        You can't change the Element IDs even with more powerful tools like Dynamo or Python (and even if its possible i'm sure i'll make the model really unstable).

        But the question is: why should you change the id? For what purpose? Maybe, MAYBE, with a bit of lateral thinking we can get a good result in another way.
        Let us know, Paul.


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          Why export the ifc file to Geom Gym in Grasshopper I would like each corresponding element to have an identification number, and this number I would like to impose on it


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