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    Copio e incollo l"annuncio del cosi serve di riferimento. Non specificano lo stipendio ma se avessi quelle carattersitiche e dovessi pagare l`affitto a Singapore, meno di 150mila euro annue non ci andrei...

    Primary Purpose

    The BIM Manager will facilitate the successful implementation of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) technologies, standard methods and procedures. Champion BIM processes program-wide while providing support to Design, and Construction groups and client asset maintenance and operations. The BIM/Information Manager will work closely with all stakeholders to support Program execution excellence in a collaborative environment through the use of innovative technology, the application of recognized ISO/BS/SS standards and the adoption of agreed standard methods and procedures.

    Principal Duties And Responsibilities

    The role has three principal components:
    • Managing the Common Data Environment (CDE)
    • Project information management to ensure accuracy and integrity
    • Collaborative working, information exchange and project team management
    • Establishing a common data environment, along with its processes, procedures and security and ensuring its integrity.
    • Establishing the information structure and standards for the information model, agreeing output formats and validating compliance.
    • Establishing responsibilities for the provision of information and its level of detail for each project component and stage.
    • Enabling integration of information by all project stakeholders and co-ordination of information.
    • Assisting the project team to establish information exchange processes and management procedures such as record keeping and change control procedures.
    • Report to management and project leadership on program’s current and projected state with respect to BIM
    • Facilitate the relationship between all design, management, construction and commissioning entities to develop tools and processes which benefit the program/project delivery and hand-over
    • Drive standards, processes and procedures
    • Demonstrate and communicate VDC / BIM benefits to external and internal clients and stakeholders
    • Identify and champion training, mentoring and knowledge sharing activities; including development of training material, presentations, and multimedia formats
    • Coordinates with all stakeholders on requirements and schedules for the budgeting, procurement, and roll-out of new and updated VDC / BIM applications as the program matures
    • Test and benchmark hardware and software configurations, monitor usage and versioning, and make appropriate recommendations for improvements, upgrades and purchases
    • Work with stakeholders to develop, disseminate and implement program-wide standards for VDC / BIM technologies and processes
    • Develop and document standard practices to improve construction efficiency through the use of technology
    • Coordinate VDC / BIM efforts across Joint Venture team to support a cohesive approach and consistent deliverables
    • Research innovative ways to utilize VDC / BIM processes to create a unique project experience both internally and externally
    • Provide guidance and oversight of all BIM related professionals associated with program/project
    • Manage project information from various sources; both schematic and spatial applications
    • Champion effective change management processes leveraging VDC / BIM
    • Promote client’s larger BIM vision including interfacing with various Asset Management systems and processes
    • Provide guidance and support for designers and contractors on the program’s BIM policy
    • Facilitate the use of 3D, 4D, 5D & 6D processes to support construction planning, logistics, estimating, commissioning, coordination and handover
    Minimum Qualifications

    All applicants must be able to complete pre-employment onboarding requirements (if selected) which may include any/all of the following: criminal/civil background check, drug screen, and motor vehicle records search, in compliance with any applicable laws and regulations.

    Preferred Job Qualifications
    • 10+ years of experience in VDC / BIM, 3D modeling, construction technology, or related field
    • Experience in these applications on similar large scale infrastructure projects.
    • Superior knowledge of VDC / BIM processes and technologies with an understanding of the direction of building information modeling and its impact on the AEC industry
    • Experience with project extranets and virtual collaboration technologies
    • In-depth expertise of current VDC / BIM related systems and network infrastructure
    • Knowledge of VDC / BIM as it applies to construction work packaging, construction planning & sequencing
    • Understanding of project workflows (schematic design, design development, construction documentation phases) and basic project management
    • Understanding of construction management and commissioning aspects
    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, clearly and effectively communicate with all levels of the organization
    • Strong, self-motivated work ethic; must uphold JV values and demand the highest standard of conduct from self and others.
    • Commissioning of works documentation retention and use
    • Asset Management knowledge
    • Management and/or project management experience
    • Superior knowledge of MicroStation, AECOsim, AutoCAD, Revit, Civil 3D, Navisworks, Plant 3D and other design technologies with direct experience using prior and current versions
    • Cloud/Enterprise Document Management application support and process development experience (Such as Newforma, Projectwise, PrimaVera Project Planned, ACCONEX, Vault, Box, OneDrive, etc., PMIS)
    • Bachelor’s degree / Diploma from an accredited college or university majoring in Engineering, Architecture, or Construction Management preferred
    • Experience participating on multi-discipline project work-teams
    • Ability to work independently and effectively within the team environment to encourage creativity, innovation, and continuous improvement
    • Self-directed and self-motivated to solve problems quickly and creatively

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